Toddler Program

1 - 2 Years Old
  • Our Toddlers Program

    We welcome children that are between twelve and 24 months of age to our toddler class. This is a well-rounded program that will develop a love of learning. Intellichildren’s daily toddler room practices are designed around the following goals:

    • Respecting each child as a unique and special person,
    • Developing a relationship with the staff that the child can trust,
    • Providing a safe, healthy environment with developmentally appropriate activities & supplies,
    • Creating opportunities to interact with other infants and toddlers,
    • Supporting infants in their exploration and use of all their senses with music, movement and age-appropriate toys.

    The toddler curriculum builds upon the individual child’s developmental skills. While quiet places, romping spaces, and laps to sit on are available at all times, there are plenty of toys to stimulate and quite music to sooth. Teachers plan curriculum on a weekly basis around a theme such as primary colors, nursery rhymes, pets, farm animals and seasonal activities.

    The teachers use a variety of toddler-appropriate materials to keep these young children busy. Children are provided indoor and outdoor activities of the following types of teacher-led activities:

    • Sensory activities including water table play, sand-box play, art with crayons, finger painting with various materials, singing and guitar music.
    • Motor-skill activities including ball play, soft blocks to build with, a toddler-size wooden kitchen, puzzles and other games, climbing equipment, walking and riding toys, and dancing.
    • Language training including having books read to them, sign language, conversations with the staff, and introduction to numbers and letters.

    In short, they are encouraged to participate in many activities and learn many new skills between appropriate rest periods.

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