Pre-Kindergarten Program

4-5 Years Old
  • Our Pre-Kindergarten Program

    The Pre-K (Tigers) class is designed to prepare children starting kindergarten the following September. While the learning is heavily tied to play activities, the children are prepared over the year to master all the California standards for kindergarten. Children are introduced to sight-words, math concepts, science and history.

    Use of technology for learning is also integrated into the program. The day is modeled after a typical Kindergarten day, using targeted learning time and learning stations.

    The variety of activities and materials used in the Pre-K class allows children to explore their environment through their senses. To encourage the development of the whole child, developmentally and age appropriate activities are incorporated from seven main areas of concentration:

    • language arts and early literacy skills,
    • fine motor, large motor, and sensory experiences,
    • science and pre-math,
    • self-care, and
    • pre-school learning skills

    The activities involve thinking, muscle coordination, imagination and problem solving skills that form the building blocks for elementary education. Computers are employed as a regular part of the curriculum.

    The Tiger class, like the rest of the pre-school program, has music, dance, and gymnastics classes with outside experts each week throughout the year. They also participate in the frequent school-wide special events.

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