Monkeys Program

2 - 3 Years Old
  • Our Monkeys Program

    Two-year-old children are at the exciting stage of adjusting from being a toddler to going into the more mature environment of pre-school. This is also the time when children begin to learn about themselves and their role as a child. Many things are changing at once as they develop language skills, group learning skills, and are potty trained.

    Our well-rounded program for two-year-olds introduces young learners to language and literacy development. It also introduces the beginning of number sense (what are numbers and what do they mean) by using a child-centered curriculum.

    Targeted learning time (in other words, a short period of time each day in which children work with the teachers to learn new things) is introduced, along with learning stations that give them the independent time needed to foster creativity.

    The children interact, learn and play with the other children as well as with the teacher, further developing their social skills and behaviors. We use an open classroom design, giving the children the ability to move about, explore and go from one activity to another with ease.

    Each week’s lesson plan celebrates a special theme that will engage and interest children on many different levels. Outdoor play is in a separate yard with independent toys including a small climbing structure, as slide, and other age-appropriate toys. While they are not ready to plan with the older children, they are also beyond the toddlers.

    The Monkey class, like the rest of the pre-school program, has music, dance, and gymnastics classes with outside experts each week throughout the year. They also participate in the frequent school-wide special events.

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