Frogs Program

3+ - 4 Years Old
  • Our Frogs Program

    Children who have already started the pre-school program but are more than a year away from starting kindergarten usually continue their development in this class. The curriculum in Frog class is based on current early childhood education principles and is organized around the basic tenet that children learn first about themselves, their close environment and their families, and then build upon that learning to expand their horizons according to interests and experiential opportunities.

    Building on concepts from the Monkey and Panda programs, these children begin to master identifying letters and their sounds, learning number values, sorting and grouping objects. History and Science concepts are introduced. Children are encouraged to refine their small motor skills through practicing using scissors and writing.

    The variety of activities and materials used in the Frog class allows children to explore their environment through their senses. To encourage the development of the whole child, our teachers select developmentally (or age) appropriate activities from seven main areas of concentration: language arts and early literacy skills, fine motor, large motor, sensory experiences, science and pre-math, self-care and pre-school learning skills.

    The activities involve thinking, muscle coordination, imagination and problem solving skills that form the building blocks laid in preparation for formal education and higher reasoning used later in life. More time is spent in circle and other group activities, and material is discussed in more detail as the children are able to concentrate on these tasks for longer periods of time.

    The Frog class, like the rest of the pre-school program, has music, dance, and gymnastics classes with outside experts each week throughout the year. They also participate in the frequent school-wide special events.

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