Enrichment Programs

  • Enriching Music Program

    As part of their toddler and preschool program, every week Intellichildren entertains and stimulates children through their music program in a rhythmic, fun and engaging musical environment. Our classes are based on the recognition that all children are musical and that exposure to music in the early childhood years is important, teaching hand-eye coordination, and both fine and gross motor skills. In addition, research studies have shown that children with musical training have improved math skills.

    Each child chooses an instrument, from triangles to guitars to drums, and learns about tone, rhythm, and teamwork. Regardless of musical abilities, every child has the opportunity to participate and learn with their classmates with diverse, stimulating and engaging musical activities.

  • Yoga Enrichment Program

    PBS.org reported in detail on the numerous benefits to children of learning Yoga.  Intellichildren believes in providing both healthy exercise for our students as well as teaching techniques which can help children to be calm and focused.  Yoga is about exploring and learning in a fun, safe and playful way. The benefits to children include at least the following:

    • It teaches how to breathe better by breathing deeply & fully.
    • When children practice yoga they learn how to be still and quiet for a period, thus helping them to listen with attention to their parents and teachers.
    • Yoga teaches about balance and stretching, so that children learn to have better control of their bodies and are more aware of the effect of different movements.
    • Yoga promotes healthy flexible bodies.  Teaching children how to take care of their bodies is one way to show love and appreciation.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and The National Association of the Education for Young Children (NAEYC) recommend that children should participate in activities that support the development of the whole child, and that is what yoga at Intellichildren is about.

  • Celebrating Holidays & Theme Days

    Every month Intellichildren plans special enriching school-wide celebration days which sometimes corresponds to special holidays (like Halloween or Thanksgiving), and other times fun events (like Dr. Seuss’ Birthday). Children at each age level learn in an engaging environment the history and background of the celebration or event, and then fun arts and crafts and oftentimes parties with special food follows. 

  • Monthly Special Events

    The program at Intellichildren promotes social and emotional growth, including teaching and practicing social skills with their peers and their teachers. Monthly all-school events help the children develop a sense of community. These programs are school-wide, but adjusted to be age appropriate for each class.  In this way everyone participates in the excitement and sense of community, but they are always doing age appropriate activities within this framework.

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