Frequently Asked Questions

Curious About Our School? Get Answers to your Questions Below!
  • How is Intellichildren different than other infant care and preschools in the area?

    Intellichildren ‘s focus is on helping young minds develop a love of learning. In addition to providing a safe and loving environment, we work hard at keeping our children engaged and interested in a broad variety of activities. Parents, teachers and children alike are excited to be part of the Intellichildren family.

    What enrichment programs do you offer for infants and toddlers? Is there an extra cost?

    Our infant & toddler program is all about nurturing their emotional, intellectual and social growth. In addition to providing their everyday food and care needs, our teachers are trained to stimulate the children with music and dancing, interaction with other children, and reading. Toddlers have age-appropriate arts and crafts projects (finger painting, playing in the sand box, water-table play). Outside experts in music come each week to sing and play guitar. All of this is included in the regular tuition.

    What enrichment / extracurricular programs do you offer for preschoolers? Is there an extra cost?

    In addition to the regular teacher-led programs, outside experts in music, kinderdance, and gymnastics come to the school every week year-round to provide extra programs for enrichment. These services are included in the regular tuition.

    Are meals and snacks provided?

    A healthy breakfast, lunch and snack is provided every day to the pre-school children and toddlers.

    How early can I drop off my child / how late can I pick up my child?

    The hours of operation are 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday year round. The school is closed for certain Federal Holidays. Please ask for a calendar when you come for a tour.

    How can I arrange a tour of your facility?

    Scheduling on a tour is easy. Click on the “Schedule a Tour” button on the bottom of this page; call us at 760-471-0221; or just stop by any time during our operating hours.

    Is Intellichildren licensed?

    Intellichildren’s Infant & Toddler program operates under California Community Care Licensing License Number 376700874.
    Intellichildren’s pre-school program operates under California Community Care Licensing License Number 376700875.

    Can I watch my child on video during the day? Is there an extra cost?

    Any parent may sign up for the WatchMeGrow system access for no additional cost. Please ask the Director for information.

    Do you offer part-time care?

    Intellichildren offers both full-time care (more than five hours of care per day) and part-time care (five or fewer hours per day). Drop-in care by the hour is also offered on a space-available basis.

    Are your teachers trained & experienced?

    Intellichildren’s lead teachers are all fully certified and have from three to 10+ years of experience. Our assistant teachers are fully certified and have at least one year of experience.

    What is your tuition?

    The tuition varies according to the number of hours-per-day of service and the number of days per week the child attends. Unlike many pre-schools, our tuition is all-inclusive, so that every child can participate in our enrichment programs, our meal programs, and our other special activities. Detailed information will be provided when you do your tour of the school.