Birthday are Important

September 20, 2014

Birthdays are a big event in a young child’s life.  They are growing and changing at a phenomenal rate.  After all, when a four-year-old turn 5 he/she is 25% older!  This represents the most rapid growth period of a child’s life in terms of the knowledge and experiences they are gaining day by day.  Our job at Intellichildren is to help nurture that rapid growth so that they are more fully prepared to enter their K-12 school years.  That preparation includes socialization skills, behavior skills, play skills, and academic skills as well as world experiences.

From Books to Computers

These children need to know it all.  They need to be prepared for all that will happen in their lives, and getting a good start includes exposure to both new and old methods.  We work to instill a love of books as well as stimulating them with good educational software.

Learning to Learn

It is natural for children to be curious, but that natural curiosity needs to be stimulated and nurtured with many different experiences.  Special events like birthdays are only one of the celebrations at Intellichildren.  They are encouraged to participate in making up stories, in describing significant events in their lives, in sharing about their favorite toys, their favorite activities, and special people in their lives.  Diversity and mutual respect are important qualities our teachers work to instill in all the children.


Spring Is Here

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