• Today’s Competitive World Requires Academic Excellence & Social Intelligence

    What if your child was reading at a first-grade level before Kindergarten?

    Is Your Pre-School’s Idea of Good Education Watching Cartoon Videos?



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    Learn Why Intellichildren is the Leading Pre-School & Day-Care Center in North San Diego County

    Your children deserve the Intellichildren advantage. Whether they are part of our stimulating and loving infant/toddler program or continuing their learning adventures in the school-readiness programs, we encourage and feed their thirst for knowledge. Intellichildren makes learning exciting and rewarding with both full-time and part-time programs based on age-appropriate child-centered curriculum. The mission at intellichildren is to provide and encourage a broad variety of learning experiences while making learning fun.

    The loving, caring environment at intellichildren promotes social and emotional growth. includes teaching and practicing social skills with their peers and their teachers. Monthly all-school events help the children develop a sense of community. Enrichment classes in music, dance, and tumbling taught by experts are an integral part of the weekly program.

    Schedule or stop by for a tour and see first-hand why intellichildren is the leading pre-school and day-care center in North-County San Diego.

  • Our philosophy is to provide developmentally-appropriate programs for young children that are built upon the whole-child concept.

    The philosophy of intellichildren is to provide developmentally-appropriate programs for young children that are built upon the whole-child concept. By this we mean that our programs address all the areas of development-physical, social, emotional, and intellectual (cognitive). Intellichildren respects each child as an individual and stimulates the child’s natural curiosity in, and enjoyment of, learning. This fosters the development of each child’s inquisitive nature by giving them meaningful experiences using play to experiment, explore, question, and discover.
     Our program goals are to help children:
    • become creative, independent thinkers;
    • have good self-esteem and a sense of self-worth and self-reliance;
    • become responsible for their own mental and physical health;
    • appreciate the diverse, multicultural community in which they live;
  • Our Programs

    Our program has six dedicated classes:
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